Today, with Bitcoin boom and crypto currencies in general, there are countless web platforms to offer the exchange of actives and conversion from one currency to another, but not all of them offer optimal performance that satisfies all the users’ needs, this is why OnePageX tries to collect all the fundamental characteristics and implement them in only one place in the easiest and most accessible way possible.


From the idea that greatness does not have to come from complexity, emerges an innovative online cryptocurrency converter, easier to use than conventional converters, based on the simplicity OnePageX even when it is only in its beta version promises to be an excellent online tool, important for a prosperous economy. In addition to providing simplicity, OnePageX offers a wide selection of cryptocurrencies to achieve a better connection with the market, which makes it ideal for anyone with or without experience in trading cryptocurrencies.

“OnePageX is the simplest and easiest way to exchange your cryptocurrencies safely and transparently in the world.”


In addition to its ease of use OnePageX has some characteristics that make it different from any other platform:

  • You don’t need to register to use it.This is a clear advantage over other exchange platforms because it saves a lot of time, because you should not enter another platform, confirm the mail, go to the wallet and look in a huge list of cryptocurrencies the one you want to exchange… You don’t have to waste your time in multi-step processes.
  • It currently has 150 criptocurrencies available for exchange and this amount continues to increase.
  • The platform provides a Widget called “OneBox” that you can integrate into any web platform, really functional.
  • The live Beta version is now fully functional! You can enjoy it from now!
  • You can use it from your cell phone efficiently, the platform is well compact and allows greater comfort for the user at any time.


Once you enter the platform is evident how easy is to use it, in three simple steps you can make your exchanges safely and without having to register, really is one of the easiest platforms to use in the world, you just have to:

1. Select assets to convert.
2. Enter a withdrawal address.
3. Click on “Start Exchange”.

After this you will receive a deposit address. You simply have to deposit at that address and it will be completed. Best of all, the platform will automatically provide your live transaction status for each deposit, which will allow you to know how many exchange rates your trade takes in real time, since although transactions are made immediately, it will take time in most cases no longer than 25 minutes, so keep calm.


If you spend more than an hour in being processed simply sends an email to support with the transaction data and they will solve your problem as quickly as possible, of course this type of inconvenience does not usually occur.
The deposit limits are clearly defined and as you enter the quantity you want to convert automatically the summation figure is generated in the opposite currency. It is also important to note that OnePageX charges only 0.5% of the exchange rate along with a small network fee on all transactions.


In my opinion, one of the most useful tools that can exist in the world of cryptocurrencies, a widget that can be easily integrated into any platform, in addition to easy to use is extremely comfortable to have an exchange system in your own platform, this without having to make great effort to own it. Just copy the link at OneBox sectionand integrate it into your template.

“Easiness and comfort in one place!”


To people like me who love to be informed of the innovations of the big world of cryptocurrencies, it is common to find ourselves reading articles of a different currency that comes from the market and sometimes when doing analysis it makes us to want to run immediately to get those currencies, but in the course between entering some data to log in, waiting and checking my mail, I feel that I lose a lot of time and effectively when I get there, the volatibility of the market has caused the volume of its price to rise a little and that I can not get the same amount I aspired to get at first, this is overwhelming many times, now with this new platform the process can be much faster with a couple of clicks, without the need to log in, and wait until despair. OnePageX allows you to make several transactions in one place and its large amount of available currencies really makes transactions much easier for me.

Now let’s imagine a person who is dedicated to do BTC analysis against other crypto currencies and share his analysis to his expectants, imagine if this person used OneBox in each publication how much it would not facilitate the process of transactions to its readers?


It really is a platform that will revolutionize the world of cryptocurrencies, because of its simplicity, ease and convenience of use, I believe faithfully tnat OnePageX is a project that although it is growing, it have much future.

I invite you to start using OnePageX from now, their comfort and quality are unmatched for making cryptocurrencies convert transactions.

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