Falling through Time

Three nights ago I had strange dream where I saw myself, in space, falling not “into” but “through” the concept of time.

It all started off with a vision of a starry galaxy.

After admiring the splendor of the “cosmic painting” in front of me, I began to feel a force pulling me, and I began to feel a sensation of falling face first into something. That’s when I began to detach from my body and observing myself falling into space. That image reminded me a lot of the dream sequence from Hitchcock’s “Vertigo”.

Then things got even more weird, because I started noticing that random clocks showed up everywhere. They were not regular clocks: they were distorted, much in the way they are in Salvator Dali’s “The Persistence of Memory”.

Once I noticed that, I began to realize I was not falling “into” anything, but rather I was going “through” something; an embodiment of a concept symbolized by the images of the clocks (similar to the “sex with the concept of a person” thing I was talking about in a previous post).

The very fabric of space was curving in front of me, which is how I noticed I was falling “through”, and the entire time I had a strange feeling some message or some idea was attempting to be communicated with me.

And just like that, I woke up.

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