Sirens, Seashells, and the Man of Steel

I have been lucid dreaming pretty every night for the past month, so I decided to keep a dream journal to track all the concepts that show up.

A few weeks ago I had a dream where I went to a deep red canyon. I was with people who I didn’t know, yet felt familiar with. As we were walking towards the canion, we were going through a thin field. It reminded me a lot of the Elysian Fields in Ridley Scott’s “The Gladiator”.

Happily hopping up and down, we eventually reached the canyon, and passing through was a thin river. That’s when we started smoking out of seashells, which apparently was going to give us the ability to breathe underwater.

I started walking into the river and I realize that the surface was misleading, and that there was a stair-case like set of rocks that eventually brought us all deep under the ocean.

In that moment sirens showed up. They didn’t look fish-like at all, but I could somehow distinguish them from the other humans that were underwater. They started surrounding and dancing around each of us, slowly initially and then more quickly.

Just as I was getting overwhelmed by their soothing voices, and dizzy by the round dancing they were doing, I was catapulted upward out of the water. After reaching the surface I kept being propelled upwards and eventually crossed the clouds. That’s when I saw myself from farther away, reaching the top of the clouds and being surrounded by the solar rays coming from above. The experience reminded me a lot about the scene from Bryan Singer’s “Superman Returns” when Superman goes up into the sky to recharge with the sun.