I always felt a smell with dogmatic REST API design, too often resulting in a cruddy CRUD interface.
This article, “REST API design, Resource Modelling” (REST-without-PUT) is four years old but more current than ever. It is absolutely brilliant, even though, IMO, a bit too long and dispersive, with the risk of missing the real key points.

I’m not repeating the content of the article I recommend to read (TL; Please Read), but I’m summarising few takeaways and thoughts.

My takeaways from the article

Unless your domain model is absolutely trivial, a purist REST approach based on 4/5 HTTP verbs falls short very quickly and…

AWS Lambda@Edge is still a young feature in AWS, Generally Available since July 2017.

Lambda@Edge allows running Lambda functions at Edge Locations of the CloudFront CDN. It means you may add “intelligence” in the CDN, without having to forward the request to a backend and losing benefits of content caching and geographical proximity with the client.

AWS Lambda@Edge and CloudFront CDN

Working at the new Buldit@Wipro Digital website (not yet published, so no link) we wanted the ability to run A/B testing.
The website is distributed by AWS CloudFront, so the solution was to use Lambda@Edge.

The Use Case

Imagine you have a static website or a Single…

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