I feel that Ford isn’t a 1:1 analogy, but the last episode indeed felt like he was leading to his…
Kevin Huang

“The thing with Christ is that he is meant to bring the Old Testament to fruition”

Isn’t it interesting how it actually played out though? Instead of the prophesies being fulfilled by a Messiah that brought violence to the Roman Empire, segregated society by socio-economic classes, reaffirmed legalistic power structures, and rejected everyone not living their life suffocated by tradition like the Pharisees expected they were actually fulfilled by a message of self-denial, a communitarian ideology, and a morality of mercy instead of justice. Therefore, even though the Old Testament seems to set up an objectionable future for humanity (much like we expect from Ford’s “grand narrative”) it turns out that we entirely misunderstood the whole plan all along.

Also, predestination in the Calvinist sense is not a necessary pre-condition to Christianity. As you observed, it brings up too many logical holes, which is why the vast majority of Christianity has moved away from it.

Again, most if not all of your concerns about Christian practices and believer psychology are valid, but the flawed mentalities and actions of people shouldn’t prevent you from evaluating the actual ideas behind them. Much in the same way, I’m sure you’d agree that rejecting Islam outright because of ISIS’s acts of terrorism and the burqa tradition is not valid.

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