How “Westworld” Killed My Faith
Kevin Huang

Yay for rejecting fundamentalism! Keeping with the Westworld theme, do you remember how Dolores’ dad broke down because he spent all day obsessing over the photograph he saw and whether he was created? If there is such a thing as God, it kinda would be the most important philosophical subject of all time. The answers you draw from it impact everything from your ontological views, your life’s purpose, morality, relationships with others and so on.

I think it’s easy to read the Old Testament and characterize God as a Ford-like character. But does the notion of enabling one’s own crucifixion after deconstructing tradition and religious social structure really apply to someone like Ford? I don’t think so. There is something truly unique about the way Jesus did things, so much so that his philosophy impacted the world not just in a religious way.

I just want to caution you against evaluating Christianity based on the acts and views of Christians as opposed to the acts and views of Christ…

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