This Machine Turns Trump Tweets into Planned Parenthood Donations
Max Braun

Everybody seems really enthusiastic but I am not sure to see the actual benefit of it, on the contrary I only see damages.

If you start selling stocks because Trump said something wrong about company X, you actually making company’s X situation worst by amplifying the speculative trend. So for me:
1. You give more weight to Tump’s words.

2. This situation may affect real world economy: if company X is doing bad because of speculative behaviors, their business will be impacted and they might end up firing real people, etc

Ok I understand you can donate your benefits to NGOs. But what’s the point of, let’s say, helping unemployed people if in the first place you contributed to put them in that situation.

Note this is not a critic, you can see that as a question as I really don’t see the ethical value of such a bot whereas everybody seems really enthusiastic about it .