How to dictate iOS reminders on Pebble

Improve iOS integration with IFTTT

I bought a Pebble Time a couple of moths ago, and while I love the apps, the watch faces and the user experience in general, I feel constrained within iOS limitations. For example, I was looking for a way to save iOS reminders dictating them on my wrist, and that seemed impossible without an Watch. Well, there is a way: IFTTT.


  • A Pebble (of course)
  • An IFTTT account, with Maker and iOS Reminders channels activated
  • The IFTTT iOS app installed
  • The free app “This Then That” installed on your Pebble

Setting up:

First of all we have to set up the Maker Channel on IFTTT; once activated it will show a long (private) key, as shown in the following image:

Write down that key, and let’s move to the “This Then That” app; to do that open the Pebble app on your iOS device, locate the app and tap on the gear icon next to it:

Scroll down to the section “IFTTT KEYS” and write/paste your private key in the white box labeled “Key”.

Now scroll up to the previous section, “IFTTT TRIGGERS”; here we have to define the trigger (the phrase that your Pebble is going to recognize) and the Event Name, which will be associated to an IFTTT recipe. I will use the following words:

Scroll down and tap the “Save Settings” button before continue.

It’s finally time to set up the recipe! Add this IFTTT recipe to your account, specifying “reminder” in the Event Name box.


You can now open This Then That app on your Pebble and start dictating stuff; adding a shortcut to the app will make the access super fast.
Note 1: remember to start every dictation with “remind me to”, otherwise the trigger won’t start!
Note 2: the IFTTT app must be running in background (yep, another Apple limitation..); if the app is closed, the reminder(s) will be added the first time you open the app.

Here some screenshots (my Pebble Time is set to Italian, so you can see the trigger phrase “Ricordami di” which means “Remind me to”, followed by the actual reminder, which translated means “buy some apples”).

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