We Should All be Feminists

I like your piece, but I disagree. Disagreement is good, that’s where we learn and come up with better plans. I have no clean of being “right.”

Equality: women and men are not equal. I have two children (soon no wife, but that’s another story ), I didn’t carry them for nine months inside myself. I didn’t have to deal with hormonal imbalance for months after birth. That’s at least two years of life where my wife was at a complete and largely unfixable disadvantage from an equality perspective. After that we shared maternity duties reasonably equally(butchering both our careers).

The best predictor of a woman career is children and it is a negative predictor.

Other biological facts make us different. Rational design suggests that offices should have twice as many female restrooms as male ones (easier still gender neutral, but that requires people to make even more steps).

We need a society that allows people to not being unfairly constrained while being possible. Biasing career option in order to favor women with children makes sense, not having children makes much less sense.

A lot of women are just sexist against themselves. I personally think that we should just wait for those to die of old age.

I had more women than men ask me why wasn’t my wife taking care of my kids. In fact no man ever dared to say so.

Rape is another issue which is very complicated in practice while being trivial in principle.

Abortion is a serious moral dilemma. We failed to engage lots of people on the seriousness of it.

I think that people like simple solutions, and life just isn’t simple. How do we make people grow up?

Thanks for writing what you write. Trump managed to wake up civil society, what are we going to do with it in addition of reacting constantly like a teenager to his abusive parent behavior?

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