Falling deep into despair
Trish Hanson

I often ask myself the same questions.

People without depression or BPD (that’s me) simply have a different emotional universe, I think. You can’t explain this to them. They lack the hardware.

Presumably healed means closer to what some very poorly defined normal people call normal. Mostly it just seems to mean that we can work in the jobs they want us to do, keep the house clean and raise more or less sane children.

Still, you can’t sort out how to be who you are if you aren’t.

Still, you will probably need some degree of functionality to get there.

And what hurts me the most is when my six year old son looks at me in the eyes and asks: is your brain wobbly again dad?

So, the secondary goals of those pills are okay. It’s the being normal part that doesn’t seem workable. Who cares, really. I have never met a normal person or a simple one, they are just fairy tales.

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