Hello Anne,
Virginia Hall

Sometimes I wonder if it is just because most people don’t like uncertainty or to expose themselves too much.

If we accept a world where “normal” isn’t really a meaningful word, not just because it is a logically untenable proposition, but also because deep down we accept that we can’t box people even in [cis,trans]x[male,female], what happens?

We walk to someone wearing a suit or a dress in a bar, wearing or not wearing an engagement or wedding ring, looking “feminine “ or “masculine “ and we have to start that interaction facing the uncertainty of it all. Add the serious understanding problems we seem to have with consent, in both honestly asking and honestly giving it, and that first step is a leap in the dark.

It always is, but classification allows us hide from it for a while (sometimes till the all-too-common:”you are not the person I married. Who are you?”).

Worst still, people actually really change.

Just a thought

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