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Thank you for writing this. Sometimes I wonder if people have a simple “model” of equality, like the idea of a perfect job or a perfect partner. Everything has to be the same and thus they have the right to pick anything that anyone wants to make different and take umbrage and demand it be different that is the same and thus different from what different people want. Apart from the obvious logical and practical fallacy of even contemplating such a definition of equality, the main problem, to me, is demanding the world and others fits with what we think should be. That we have the right to set such strict and rigorous boundaries in some arbitrary dimension or issue (even something as utterly inconsequential as a movie screening) just because that is what we believe. That is the very foundation of violence and domestic violence in my experience. No, we don’t have such a right, never had, never will. Besides only an idiot would look for such an untenable definition of equality. Perhaps he should have argued that since chromosome Y has perhaps only 45 genes, it is really hard to tell a man from a woman.

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