Get The F*#k Over It
Brianna Wiest

This is a piece I read and reread. In times of hope and in times of despair. In times when the world seems to cave around me and all doors are closed or I am naked in the middle of an ice field. When the world looks a little bit like an oyster, at least more than it looks like a giant sea scorpion.

When I look into a complex program I wrote, which isn’t doing what we need to do, it is designed wrong and I designed it. How do you get a massively parallel computation of a humongous number of genomes working while you realize your life have been sliding for a couple of years, your kids need you for at least some 20 more years, your approach to work and career was fine without two kids, a divorce and some other serious problems, but here they are?

You just get the fuck over it, that’s how you do it. Eat the elephant one bite at a time. You try and fail, retry and fail again until it works or you die trying. If it’s a saber tooth instead of a mammoth, don’t start with the fangs. 😳

Thank you 😊