When You Plant Trees In The Sky
Joe Jacobi

This morning I drove my partner to her Sunday morning marathon. Yesterday I talked with my old friend about analyzing networks of motor cortex neurons to establish causality in some observable movements. Last week, I helped organize some other very good sounding shit (literally about curing cancer and cardiomyopathy, whether they will be cured by such activities …)

Her running partner asked if I would join. I said no. I thought «I am not a runner «

I am not a neurobiologist, I am not a geneticist or even a computer scientist.

There are no roots and there is no tree. There is no marriage, no clear career path or even country and state. Maybe I should plant some seeds. It is horrifying and exhilarating at the same time.

May the headlines go to hell, I like your articles much better than «the seven ways to reach your goals before 8:15 am when the weather is rainy» or whatever those articles say.

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