Hi Lorenzo L Pesce,

You picked another topic that is of interest to me. Ownership of people’s bodies.

What do you think about the situation where a man and a woman have casual sex, for whatever reason of their choosing, and she gets pregnant and wants to keep the child, but he doesn’t ?

Does she have the right to get him involved financially and emotionally? Most women Seem to think that she has the right to do so. I disagree.

Abortion is a serious issue to me because there are many complicated and intertwined issues. Our society has so far poorly addressed nearly all of them.

I don’t think that women should be expected to carry children. However, men can’t. If we are willing to consider a future for mankind we have to resolve this moral issue.

I obviously oppose rape and all kind of coercion (goes the other way too, by the way, once I told no to a woman thirty times and eventually said yes; to this day I still consider her my rapist; she doesn’t), but given how easily influenced some of us are, how our view of things changes, and the fact that no woman wants to be tested thoroughly for consent (trust me, I tried that and mostly I got people rolled no their eyes), we need a viable and not demeaning approach. We don’t have one as far as I know.

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