5 technologies that are set to boom before the end 2020

As our world progresses over time, technologies are becoming more advanced every day. Looking 10 years back in time, we would have never thought about the possibility of living in a world with such innovative gadgets. They seem to slowly be catching up with reality. With so many different types of rising technologies we wonder what is next to come?

A recent example is the unexpected boom of drones in 2016; where drones went from being a toy you take to the park to them carrying people and potentially replacing ambulances. The possibilities seem to be endless and these technologies are changing societies all around the world.

“It always seems impossible, until its done.” -Nelson Mandela

1. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is a digital tool that recreates reality for its users. VR allows its users to simulate and live in any kind of world, this is the reason why the possibilities of it are endless. VR is a gadget that is currently one of the biggest game changers is gaming. it allows people to live inside the game and play it like never before. VR could also be used in more formal settings like conference calls and social ones.

2. Augmented reality

Augmented reality, also known as AR is a rising technology that focuses on augmenting (changing) the reality that we live in. AR allows its users to see and visualise ideas and messages. There are multiple companies that are currently working on creating a AR concepts of their own.

Two big fanatics are Google and Facebook. Google is currently working on their Google glasses which allow the user to visualise and keep in touch with their acquaintances through adding and portraying it in their reality. Facebook on the other hand is working on a similar project but is set to bring out their own mobile device the “F8”. It is a mobile device that will work similar to Google’s glasses only is the reality augmented through a different device.

3. Leap Motion


Leap motion provides an innovative alternative to the way in which we use our digital devices. It allows the user to command and control a computer through the use of hand gestures. The specific movements that are made whilst using a device determine the action on the display. Leap Motion provides its user with the ability to write, design and control a computer with a flick of the wrist.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is just around the corner. As computer science is growing AI is something that has its good and bad sides. Some fear it will take over too many jobs and cause unemployment amongst the masses. Certain jobs may not be wished for, however they could definitely take over many skilled jobs as they are programmed to work flawlessly. Companies are slowly starting to implement AI in customer service sectors. Likewise health care companies are making use of it too.

5. Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)

The worlds human population is steadily increasing and the healthcare sector needs to grow with it. MEMS are chip-sized computing systems that have been used in the car industry for years now. Healthcare is steadily increasing the amount of MEMS as the demand for them are going up.

MEMS are generally used as heart regulatory systems as they easily repeat certain orders. Its micro sensors and actuators allow it to convert one type of energy into another giving it many possible uses.

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