What is user acquisition for mobile apps

Let’s start with a quick definition of User Acquisition (UA) for mobile apps.

User acquisition is the act of gaining new users for an app, platform, or other service. (from adjust)

Bringing users to your online service is as important as getting potential customers enter through the door of your retail activity. As in any acquisition activity there are several ways to attract customers, some for free and some others paid.

Key points:

  1. When should you start your User Acquisition strategy.
  2. Attribution, Measurement and Analytics: how you can optimize your spending.
  3. What you should REALLY focus on.

When to start user acquisition?

This is THE…

Building an effective user acquisition strategy is key to drive growth for your app. “UA” is not only about getting downloads, but finding the best users among all the acquisition channels you are using.

User Acquisition is not limited to showing ads to a huge amount of users, hoping to lure them into downloading your app. A good user acquisition strategy is also focused on reducing churn rate while maximizing monetization.

Here are a few tips that I hope will help the Growth Manager setting up the best user acquisition strategies for apps.

1. App Store Optimization & in App optimization

Everything begins in the app store. The…

Growing your mobile app is not easy. Acquiring new users means sending people to the app store, push them to download and open the app. Is this already a success? Not at all, installing your app doesn’t mean people are using it or buy through it. To generate ROI from user acquisition campaigns you have to bring in high quality users, who don’t uninstall the app and generate post-install events.

We have created this how-to guide to share some insights with mobile marketers who want to grow their mobile apps.

We’ll cover some of the hot topics to better understand…

Here at Mapendo we work to boost your app’s growth. Easy said and done.

Our algorithms do the magic, but I‘m here to make what’s magic understandable to you. Here’s a list of topics that will be useful to understand in depth how we help your app grow.

What model does Mapendo use? Is it CPA or CPM based?

Mapendo is a pure performance platform. We don’t charge our advertisers for impressions or clicks, but instead we ask for a fixed payout for action. We work with two models:

  • CPI, We get paid for every app install that we generate
  • CPA, once we know your app, usually after a few weeks…

We all know very well that measuring the spending in mobile advertising is not easy at all. It’s not only a matter of attributing the install to the right channel or a mix of channels in a multi-touch approach. We also have to avoid spending in sources that are not as efficient as they say, or are involved in some kind of fraud scams.

Mobile Fraud is a common problem in our industry. It has spread through the years and it is not always easy to spot frauds in a complex digital ecosystem. Although there are different kind of install…

A closer look at app campaigns’ ROI

Conversions are important, but being profitable is the ultimate goal.

You’ve run a campaign, spent time for creativity and other aspects. Users are downloading the app with frequency, but you notice that they are also abandoning your app right away. On one hand, conversions — such as installs — are coming in bulks; but post install actions are not.

One important metric to consider is what is called LTV (a.k.a. Lifetime Value). And what about the type of campaigns out there and which are most effective? Is one type of campaign better than…

What is GDPR exactly?

General Data Protection Regulation (in short, GDPR) is a set of data protection rules, written by the European Union that must be respected under some conditions by all companies doing business in the European Union (or with citizens based in the European Union)

But wait, before going on, let’s add some information for our US. based readers: what is exactly the European Union (EU)?

It’s a political and economical union made of 27 independent States based in Europe, a territory where a little less than 450 million people live, around 100 million more than in the USA. …

The advertising ecosystem is largely used to measure the impact of clicks, in terms of actions taken by an user after she clicks on our ads. But not every penny we spend in online adv is measured through clicks. A large chunk of the money we spend goes into impressions that don’t lead to any click. Still, these impressions might generate actions that bring value to our acquisition funnel.

This is where impressions and View-Through Attribution help the marketer to fully measure the User Acquisition process. …

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