An idea on absorbing information

So this is a random idea on how I think humans absorb information, and how to use that to make changes that can lead to lasting change.

Our eyes and ears are the primary target of today’s media. Not sure which is more powerful because we probably see more than we hear, but the ear is frighteningly so powerful. Images are entirely visual and are transported straight to our minds, so it sticks and can be conjured up from memory. It also has the potential for us to be transfixed to a self constructed version of reality or future aspirations, the wild card is what you use it for, which is totally based entirely on the individual.

Our eyes also see words, which are a double whammy; words are complex in the sense that you need both your mind and heart to process. We need our minds to think about the meaning of the text and we often need our hearts to examine the intent behind the text and determine if we believe it or not and how we may apply or discard it. Needless to say it requires some effort. Maybe that’s why so many people don’t really like reading.

Our ears are really the simplest because sound just goes right straight to your heart, it is so easy to absorb and feel deep within. Its really interesting because it can conjure up feelings inside of you, how that turns out is determined by your level of discipline.

In terms of guarding your space, think about it like the kind of things you are feeding your mind and heart on a daily basis; which then form your long-term habits and desires.

If your are trying to change your habits its really important that you are mindful of the stuff you see everyday — social media feed, daily reading, music, videos/shows — because not only is important to keep things you don’t want out, you need to also actually feed your mind or else you will leave a vacuum to be filled with whatever.

Our phones and laptops legit give us a reason to just be online and even when we go out we are still on our phones. It may be a good idea to pick one evening a week to leave your phone at home and walk around your neighbourhood, just being present, absorbing what’s around you and how figuring out how you fit in to it all. Or plug in your earphone and listen to something totally up lifting.