January Painting

When I went out painting on location October, November and December of 2015, I had so much fun hiking around various locations, that I promised myself I would keep it going once a month throughout 2016 no matter what.

My philosophy is- it is all about the subject. I will do whatever it takes to get a study done or at least started outside. Paintings that are started outside have certain qualities that studio work cannot possess. There is a rawness, a freshness and sense of urgency that is are wonderful qualities to achieve in your paintings.

There are other reasons to go outside to paint regularly and I will get into those advantages also.

For my January study I went back to the beach with my paints and my notes, where it is absolutely beautiful any time of year. If there is a sure thing in painting, coming to a place like this- is it.

My subject, Sandy Neck Massachusetts- January 15, 2016

I set up in an out of the way spot and made sure to keep my painting area pristine.

My simple set up.
The first colors scumbled in with big brushes.

When you are painting on location- you just try to be a very good observer. This is not the time to make any part of your subject up. This is the time to get true colors mixed, true lines drawn and the true mood for your day down on canvas. Working quickly, get your paint down super fast before the key elements change. Because the sun moves, the light changes and at any time someone will pull up and say hey you can’t paint here!

Looking into the sun, my January study.

I will pick a totally different type of subject to tackle for February. Thank you for checking out my work. Please share.