This is a simple guide about how to scaffold a DatoCMS+Gatsby static site with internalization support.

This post is intended as an enhancement of the previous post Static Portfolio with Gatsby and DatoCMS

In order to make a more complete personal site from the portfolio, we fork the sample app and we add a few sections: a slideshow, a video in the home page, and a contact section with a Netlify Form for contacts.

Add locales and translations on DatoCMS

First step for localization is to add new locales in the Administrative Area. Here we’ve added Italian:

This Mini-Guide will get you started with Gatsby and DatoCMS in minutes.

Start with the starter

There is a nice open source starter, a portfolio example app, that you can find here on GitHub:

If you haven’t already installed it, install the gatsby client globally:

yarn global add gatsby-cli

after that you can get started with:

gatsby new my-portfolio
cd my-portfolio
yarn install

Now, to complete the setup of the example you will need a DatoCMS API token, but before create an API token you need to create a new DatoCMS site.

Create a new DatoCMS site

The portfolio example comes with a backend configuration on DatoCMS. To…


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