Day 19

All is to…

…unfold the way,

I’m getting a little bit better at just going with the flow and accepting with a smile all that comes my way — because it is all good, whether I recognize that or immediately or not ❤

…analyze the truth,

Our business is booming! Book study #2 launched today and the 1st of 9 workshops of the summer is this Wednesday! A successful mindset, solid work ethic, and some inspiring creativity is all it takes ❤

…enjoy the life.

Today I enjoyed watching Raya & Lily splay Tball, ordering my new kitchen countertop and sink, buying 2 new pairs of shoes for our summer workshops at Shoe Sensation while the girls were at gymnastics, watching Lily & Raya swim, and having in ice cold Coors light (and a smoke) at the end of the day! And I kinda enjoyed painting the cupboards, not because I like to paint, but because I am glad to have them looking like new. I also deeply enjoyed this…

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