my Dreams for the New Year

Peace, Hope and Love

…we are none of us belonging in this world.

Such is the source of my rage. The rage I️ plan to lay to rest at midnight tonight. The rage originates in my soul against all that may potentially disrupt my peace, my hope and my love. And this is how I️ will lay it to rest. All that is in my experience is there for my own good — for my highest unfoldment, for my deepest comprehension, and for my greatest enjoyment. There is no need to rage against it. Just as there is no need to hurry through it or worry about it. Just let it be. Accept it. Unfold it. Analyze it. Enjoy it. Yes, first, I must accept it. Yes, I must stop raging against it. Thy will be done ❤️

Life, in all its unique and unqualified splendor, stretched before…in glittering vistas of happiness, success, and unstinting prosperity.

I️n this New Year, I️ will keep my thoughts and emotions evermore on the side of happiness and on the side of success, and as a result, I️ will experience prosperity more than I️ have ever known before ❤️


Our business will boom.💰 ✈️ 🌈

…squirreling away the dosh by the cartload

💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰✈️ 🌈

In fact, he could not recall a time when he had ever felt such joy: confident, optimistic, and so brimming with good cheer…

Let this be the year that I️ feel that kind of joy, day in and day out, confident, optimistic, and brimming with good cheer! Let there be no room in my thought and no place in my emotion for fear of any kind!!!!

…at liberty to be, do, and go as he pleased, and he luxuriated in the freedom. He did not squander either his wealth or opportunity like so many…

May 2018 be the year I️ obtain the freedom and the wealth to be, do, go, and GIVE as I️ please…. I️ want to GIVE by handing $100 bills to people shopping in the Salvation Army or at the Good Will. I️ want to GIVE by paying activity, utility, or grocery bills for people struggling to make ends meet.

Reasons To Be Cheerful

*lily* *raya* *jemma* *jessi* *isaac* *dexter* *my mom* *my dad* *Steve* *my home* *our animals* *my colleagues* *my students* *my school* *my travel*

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