“Adversity exists to be faced, challenged, and overcome in order to grow and evolve.”

christopher w. martin — m.b.a. — loriakin seven protection

That’s its entire function, so embrace it, and thrive on it…


There is nothing scarier in life than knowing you had the opportunity to do something different, and hesitated; letting the potential of an amazing adventure, or the avoidance of an absolute disaster, pass you by. Even if you botch the approach, or fail miserably in the delivery, you have to make sure that every resource and asset that goes into it’s success; rests in the control of your hands. There is nothing worse than being forced to take a crappy job, work on a lazy team, or check the block on a boring project, because you didn’t execute and create your own opportunities.

Happiness is reflective, and you are the only one that holds the mirror. No one can control your own happiness unless you let them.

Possessing the wherewithal to embrace your own self-awareness, realizing your skills, and working your ass off to execute and achieve your goals, has become quite the underappreciated skill lately. This is something you actually have to do for yourself and not wait around for others to take you by the hand.

Reading a few memes on Instagram or watching an #askgaryvee vlog, (Don’t get me wrong Gary, I love you brother), is all well and good to get that initial spark of motivation; but don’t think for a damn second that the Vaynermedia monster that Gary has built happened overnight because of a few short term cash-ins of leverage, or the capturing of a little social value momentum from selling a shit ton of wine.

So if actual hard work and perseverance is the answer, then what’s the holdup? Our society has grown soft and somehow doubled down on the instant gratification path to achieving it’s goals. This unfortunately spawned a sub-culture that behaviorally, has grown accustomed to relying on validating the fake persona they portray to appease their own self-esteem. These precious little snowflakes have been raised to think that everything they do is catastrophically amazing, and that every fifth-place-trophy-level of achievement needs to be announced to the world. They’ve become over-privileged and severely underachieving petulant children, conditioned to needing a cookie every time they wipe their ass correctly, or manage to get to work on time.

Ok; now that “that’s” out of my system; it’s time for a u-turn and back to my point. The idea here is that the only way to achieve what you want is to actually think about what it is that you want. Figure out the end game vision of your goals, and then execute every possible option, in every direction you can think of to achieve it. Every idea you can think of is on the table and viable at this point; but don’t forget, they don’t mean anything if they go to the grave with you and never leave your mind. Plans are obvious, but don’t waste to much time over-working them and over-thinking each step to get you there because one day you’ll stop and realize that if you would have just picked a direction and started executing, you would be much more closer to achieving what it is you wanted to do. Exhaust your options and don’t look back at them, always keep moving forward; it’s the only way that any of “this” works.

Be self aware, and, truly embrace what reflects in the mirror. Know what your good at, and understand what needs a little work. Even if you love what you suck at, take that desire and passion, and have fun trying to learn and evolve it into being better at it so you can put some food on the table and keep a few lights on. Talent doesn’t mean shit if you don’t see it in yourself. Wasting it, or failing to exhaust every angle to create value with it doesn’t exactly help your cause either. Provide value from day zero, and never let negativity divert your path.

Fear is a mirror, not a mechanism of control. It shows us how our past affects our present thought; acting as a mental tool and source of information for influencing our future decisions. It is not the catalyst that determines your future, nor is it an entity that you should allow to hold your mind hostage; but merely a generous reminder of our previous actions. Embrace the present, face your demons, and put them back in their place. You have amazing endeavors ahead of you and more time continues to tick by as you keep reading this thought, instead of focusing on your vision and executing.

Don’t ever sell yourself short, you’re a beast; an absolute monster to be reckoned with.

Now get off your ass and go scare something.

If your lucky, it might even be yourself.

Christopher W Martin

Loriakin Seven Protection