“Happiness is reflective, and you’re the only one that holds the mirror”

Why pretend to be happy doing something you hate, when its obvious you'd rather be somewhere else. Happiness is reflective, and you are the only one that holds the mirror. No one can control your happiness unless you let them.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity you have in front of you called, life as a human. You aren’t impressing anybody. Be yourself, and love the reflection you see in the mirror.

Do your life better justice and be happy. Even if you have to force a few smiles here and there, the people you express it to will reflect that happiness. Eventually, it will resonate with you enough to inspire your own happiness, even if you aren’t quite there yet, and just going through the motions for now.

It’s perfectly normal to hit a few ruts here and there; we all hit them. Life is not always going to be mystical unicorns, and rainbow vomiting bunny rabbits, but that doesn’t mean that you need to piss all over someone else’s cotton candy either.

Your problems, whether self inflicted or not, still remain your problems. They are for you to fix, not anyone else. Those you seek out to complain to, have their own issues to deal with. A big part of being a good friend means that you remain loyal and are always there to support them through thick and thin.

Forging a life long, fully reciprocated bond with someone, is solidified by recognizing the moments when you should be there to support them through their issues and challenges. It’s not an opportunity for you to burden them with yours.

We are all individuals inside and out; mutually exclusive to each other and perfectly un-replicable. Despite technological attempts to multiply our genetics, you can never duplicate the soul of a human. Be who you are and remain honest with yourself. If you fake it, you’ll never make it.

Being inspired and adopting a few attributes of those that you admire, or evolving your behavior to better yourself is perfectly normal, and of course, encouraged. You must understand the difference, and know how to navigate within, emulating someone’s behaviors and their personality traits, to ensure it’s not an attempt to replicate, someone’s behaviors and personality traits.

The ones that should be in your life, will gravitate to you naturally because of WHO you are, not what you try to be.

Tighten up your shot group and purge the stupidity...

Christopher W. Martin

Loriakin Seven Protection