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Parents already blame teachers for their kids misbehavior, their teaching abilities and every school problem in between. My kids went to school on an all year multi track system and it was awful. They never had time to breathe. As it is the school system (I realize it is not the teacher’s fault) and the government that are raising our kids. We as parents need to take back our rights and raise our own kids and the work day ought to revolve around the parent schedule not the government’s . Don’t teachers have enough to do all ready trying to work the almost impossible standards the government is asking for. Now adding more hours. Teachers paying out of pocket for classroom supplies (as if that is not bad enough already). I am not sure who gets out at 2:30. In my neck of the woods it is more like 3:30 or 4:30 or 5:30 depending on which after school class the student is taking to try to catch u p on being behind on Core. The Boys/Girls club next to the school can be viewed from the high way. They still have kids on the play ground at 7:00 pm at night waiting for parents to pick up their children. Want to know what is wrong with America? NO one is raising our children because the schools and the kids are raising themselves because parents cannot afford to stay home and be parents.