Floris Koot

Deconstruct American Myths and Question Human Superiority

Your writing is on point. I totally agree humans are still functioning based on patterns/instincts from our primordial days. Greed and power are a function of territory and hierarchy. Perhaps, at one time in history when resources were scarce and we had little protection from the elements, we needed to protect and nourish our tribe by hoarding resources and expanding out into new territories. Technology, as probematic as it is, has moved us beyond the scarcity model, so we are totally capable of sharing and providing for all yet our reptilian brain hasn’t shifted to that reality.

No, instead we believe to be a strong, successful America we must constantly assert our force in other territories and have the top GNP. The middle class white picket fence dream involves a double garage with two large SUVs, a swimming pool, cell phones for everyone, huge flat screens for viewing, etc . . . . If you don’t have that, you’re not livin’ the life. Money establishes the value of everything — your personal value, family value, career value. Money equals Happiness. Money is our God. We worship the golden calf even those of us who attend church on Wednesdays and Sundays. We cling to comfort and convenience as if they are our life support system. Obviously, we need money, comfort, and convenience more than we need water and air.

And, why are we able to do this and not worry? At some point in human history, probably the dawn of agriculture, we decided not to honor and worship nature because it was actually out to make our lives difficult; therefore, we must detach from it, rise above it, and then dominate and control it. Humans are the brains of the universe after all. Other creatures can’t reason, feel true emotions that they understand, make choices, build pipelines, superhighways, and nuclear power plants. Humans are beyond nature. It is something separate to be controlled and sometimes held in awe and photographed when we go on vacation. This is our purpose in the universe — To call the shots for the planet. And because we are so damn smart, whatever damages we do we can figure out and fix.

So . . . my personal additions to the solutions list are evaluate and reset priorities, research and educate on the omissions of our history (Native American struggle, racism, value of socialism and unions, how deeply white supremacy is embedded in our institutions, etc . . .), what’s really going on in our prison systems and government, study alternative social systems, and if nothing else —

Recognize the physical truth that we are made of the elements of the Earth. We ARE at least 75% water like the rest of the planet. Our skin is made of layers of molecules with permeable membranes that interact and communicate with the molecules of our environment. We are connected to everything on this planet. When we finally fully realize this level of intimacy, this brotherhood/sisterhood and recognize it as sacred to our existence, only then will we strive to be in balance, to live symbiotically with the Earth.