Bottle Tree Lullaby

Bottle tree, bauble tree,
Hung with glass, strung with beads,
Catch a ghost, let it be — 
Ghost is not what baby needs.

Gray old ghost in the night,
Weary, wand’ring, windborne shade!
Day will dawn, new and bright,
And tired ghost to nothing fade.

Bottle tree, bauble tree,
Hung with hopes, strung with fears,
Catch a wish, set it free — 
Wish is meant for other ears.

Minstrel wish on bottle lip
Lays a kiss, plays a song.
Once the glass has loosed its grip,
Wind will carry wish along.

Bottle tree, bauble tree,
Hung with color, strung with light,
Catch a dream, bring to me — 
Dream to guard against the night.

Dream that dances on the breeze
Thrums through bottles, rattles beads,
Sets a sleeping mind at ease.
Dream is just what baby needs.

© Lori A. Claxton 2016

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