We are pleased to announce that the very first version of Cockpit is now available for beta access.

Gravitee.io Cockpit is part of the Enterprise Edition of Gravitee.io*. It allows you to effortlessly control your API ecosystem thanks to a centralized, multi-environment tool. This enables you to manage all your Gravitee API Management and Access Management installations in one handy, interactive dashboard.

Gravitee.io Cockpit is based on a hierarchy of three entity types:

  • The top level is an account (corresponding to a company)
  • The next level is an organization (corresponding to a logical part of the company in the particular…

CORS is the kind of bad word I have tried to avoid for years ! Even when I moved to a full-stack position and started to work on webapps, I willingly ignored it. But then, I joined Gravitee.io, and during my first week, I was asked: “Guess what, some people don’t understand a thing about CORS. We could help them a bit by providing more information in the logs”.

I was the perfect tester for that feature ! :-)

I then opened my favorite search engine and read the first results for : “CORS for dummies”. …

Lorie Pisicchio

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