The Hardest Question I’ve Tried to Answer — What Makes Me Happy?
Silvia Li Sam

Ten months ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Since I was 17 I knew I would die young. So the diagnosis seemed like the news I was expecting to hear my whole life. And for the first two days after my diagnosis I accepted my fate. On day three my family and I needed a break from the devastating emotions and went to see Selma, the movie about Martin Luther King and the march on Selma. In the movie there’s a scene with Martin and one of his confidants sitting in jail. Martin has his head in his hands and, in a moment of despair, says, “I don’t know how we can go on.” His confidant responds, “We will pave this road one stone at a time, together.” It is this spirit of community and humanity that you speak of gaining strength from and that pulled me out of my despair to fight for my life.

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