Huronia Players Community Theatre.

Open Arms

For the last 3 months, I’ve been meeting a pile of weirdos. Three times a week in the evenings, in a big building in the heart of the small town of Midland, Ontario, where we live. Things got a little crazy. There were surprises.

We had been in rehearsals those months for a play called “Death by Design” written by Rob Urbinati. As I write, we are in month 4 of our togetherness. We are done our rehearsals, our opening weekend has passed. Our second weekend was a whirlwind since it was also Mothers Day weekend. We have one more 4 day stint left. It’s Victoria Day Weekend for the last big blast.

One more round to pretend to drink, to dance, to scream and rage and fall in love on stage with each other. One more round for shenanegans in the dressing rooms, for green room cheering while we watch the other actors until it’s our turn to go on. One more round with all the bonding we’ve done.

3 months, 3 nights a week, is some serious dating. We knew going into it that it would come to and end. But doesn’t everything? And yet, we all jumped in and held each other tight, night after night. Sat close to each other and warmed up on stage with each other and laughed and laughed putting carefully made faces at risk of needing touch ups.

“ You’re right
There’s nothing more lovely
There’s nothing more profound
Than the certainty….
That all of this will end” — OK Go- The One Moment

One more round left, and there’s joy and sadness. My heart is so very in love and is breaking at the same time.

I will have serious withdrawal. I’ll miss seeing the faces that I’ve spent so much time with, playing and creating this beautiful piece of art. Every perfected step, every mouthful of delivered lines, the costumes, the waiting back stage for cues, the exceptional team we have all become together.

Our last show is Saturday, and we’ll have a grand party afterwards. And then all of this will end. It will fade into time, become a memory, as we all immerse ourselves in our families and homes and the parts of our lives we’ve put on hold to be a part of this creation.

I fell in love during this production. There were the introductions, and the revealings of vulnerabilities, there was wooing and so many words. SO MANY WORDS. I opened myself up and connected with the whole process, the entire piece, knowing it had an expiry date.

In this moment, I’m feeling the sweet pain in knowing that it’s almost over. There will be loss… But there’s one more handful of moments for us, together. I’ll be present for every single one. I’m so thankful I was a part of this one moment in our lives.

The joy, the love, the laughter it brought into my life. Completely worth it.


Victoria Van Roth and Walter Pearce. Who Knew?