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From my point of view, I don’t care if someone is trans, gay, bi or think they are a dog. If they’re kind to others, creative, funny and treat the planet and its inhabitants with respect, they’re good with me. If they do no harm to others, they are good with me. So, if some people feel they are not the sex they were born to — and decide to live who they are emotionally — I support them. I know people who have done so and they are living happy and productive lives. GOOD FOR THEM. I don’t think it’s absurd at all. It is a reality of human sexuality that trans, gay and bi people have always been around. (And by the way, I’m not one of them.) If he wants to be she or she wants to be he — that is their choice. By the way, I don’t think condescending to others and calling them mentally ill is a form of compassion. Condescension is NOT compassion. And “Treat it not feed it”? Is that the way you feel about gay people as well? Treat them? I think it’s deluded to deny the reality of gay and trans people. They are here to stay. They are becoming more mainstream every day. Youth today have friends who are all colors, religions and sexual orientations and it’s not even a blip on their social radar. Times are changing.

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