How To Put An End To Blah Content With Strategy

Why You Need “Strategy” Behind Your Business Blog Posts…

Content in and of itself is no longer king. There is so much content online. In fact, 2.7 million blog posts are published every day.

Because consumers have more to choose from their expectations are higher. When it comes to your business articles and blog posts you need to do the prep work.

When I start writing online articles for my clients, well… I don’t start with the writing.

There are some important key factors you need to have straight before you dive into the actual writing of a post. Let’s explore them…

An Understanding of Web Behavior

The web is ever changing and a professional article writer works hard to keep up. Algorithms change, but so do readers’ expectations. And any professional writer knows you write for the readers first and foremost and maybe, just maybe, worry about pleasing the search engines later.

Long-form content, short-form content, visual content. There is a variety of options just like there is a variety of people. It is best to mix it up. But, whatever content you choose, it needs to be easy to digest. You need to know how to break content down into manageable and inviting chunks.

Stay up to date with the trends as much as you can, but most of all- offer value.

Check Tone, Voice, And What’s Working

When I begin to prepare an article or post for a client’s community, I check in with what they already have going on. What posts on their blog stands out? What is working great and getting the most engagement for them on social media?

How is their content written? Is it more professional or more conversational? Determining the answers to these kinds of questions helps me to stay true to their brand, but also optimize new content with what is already working well.

Figure Out The “Why”

Watch Simon Sinek’s famous TedTalk?

Why, why, why? Are you putting content on the web just to take up space in the virtual atmosphere? Or, is there something you are hoping to gain, a message you want to share?

I hope your deep purpose is to offer your readers value because that will bring you the most success. But, you can have more reasons within that larger purpose.

Get clear on a purpose for each piece of content you put out.

Research The Broad Topic And Narrow Down

Sometimes I come up with the topic, sometimes I am given one. Either way, I check what are the top articles, posts, and/or videos around that topic. Why are they the most popular? What spin or new twist did that content take on?

The point is not to copy someone else’s idea but to get into the creative flow to come up with new ideas that can also work well.

You can use awesome online tools for this like BuzzSumo, but can also search Google, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Analyze The Headline And Adjust

You can have an amazing post, but if the headline does not draw people in, nobody’s ever going to see it. And that is a lot of work gone to waste.

“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” David Ogilvy

Jon Marrow, from Smart Blogger, has a great resource of Headline Hacks. Those will get you started and then you can use a headline analyzing tool such as CoSchedule’s Blog Post Headline Analyzer.

Whew, now you are potentially ready to start the actual writing.

Content is abundant, yes, but you can still make yours stand out and meet an engaged audience if you put in the work. I know this is a lot for many business owners which is why it can be a good idea to outsource to a professional article/blog writer if you are not up for it.

The point is, don’t just contribute to all the online “noise.” Offer something of value, something strategic and optimized, that gives to those who encounter it. Whether it gives tips and wisdom or simply entertainment is up to you and your content goals.