Huffington Post Says Goodbye To Contributors…or not.

If you have been online this morning, maybe you have run across the announcement that as of today, January 18th, 2018, Huffpost is letting go of their unpaid contributors.

While I’m a contributor at Arianna’s newer venture Thrive Global, I was not one of the unpaid contributors on Huffington post. Still I feel the pain for my fellow writers where this was a huge platform.

What was the reason Huffington Post gave for this change?

Today, with the proliferation of social media and self-publishing platforms across the web, people have many more opportunities to share their thoughts and opinions online. At the same time, the quantity and volume of noise means truly being heard is harder than ever. Those who are willing to shout the loudest often drown out new, more-deserving voices. The same has proven to be true on our own platform. ~Huffington Post email sent to contributors.

This goes to show the importance of having your own site and personal brand. By all means grab the opportunity of writing on high exposure platforms to expand. But, we need to make sure we begin to build our own personal brands too. Something I neglected for too long like many of us.

I still need to seriously work on that email list.

For contributors who want to keep their content up, it will remain and will likely still get traffic. Or Huffpost is allowing contributors to unpublish.

Going forward, when you log in to the portal at, you’ll see that you are able to access your previous drafts and published posts — and unpublish those posts if you choose to do so — but you won’t be able to post anything new. We won’t be taking down or making any changes to previously published content ourselves. ~Huffington Post email sent to contributors.

While this means the closing of one opportunity, it may actually mean less competition and a greater opportunity for quality writers to pitch ideas to be published in the future.

If you are one of the contributors that is feeling this loss, Josh Steimle has some tips.

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What are your thoughts on this change?