What happens when the husband is the ‘good guy’ for 25 years?

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We’ve all gotten that cringey gift. Maybe it’s lingerie we wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing. Or a piece of jewelry that borders on gaudy. Or a sweater we wouldn’t be caught dead in. Most of the time, we shrug it off. We might not be crazy about the fire-engine red garter belt or the ginormous rhinestone earrings but we love our guy and it makes us smile because, hey, he tried.

Less often, we get those gifts that make us wonder if we know the giver as well as we thought we did. Sometimes they may even haunt us. When 22-year-old…

How a visit to the crime scene changed my mind

Sketch of the man in the white car many believe may have murdered Molly Bish. The man has been the focus of the investigation for two decades (sketch via The Republican).

— Twenty years have passed since 16-year-old Molly Bish disappeared from Comins Pond minutes after she arrived to begin her shift as a lifeguard on June 27, 2000. The search for the pretty blonde, blue-eyed high school student was the largest in Massachusetts history. Molly simply vanished.

It was her eighth day on the job she inherited from her older brother John, who had worked as the Comins Pond lifeguard for three years. He trained her, so when police initially theorized his sister had drowned he was skeptical. …

The veterinarian whose dream of writing never faded

Photo courtesy of Emma Rous

USA Today bestselling author Emma Rous recently released her second novel, The Perfect Guests, and it is already gaining attention. Earlier this month CrimeReads included the book on its “Most Anticipated Crime Books of 2021” list and Booklist gave the novel a starred review.

Emma’s debut novel, The Au Pair, was an international success. The book shot to the top of many “Must Read” lists, including POPSUGAR’s Must-Read Books of 2019, Cosmopolitan’s Books of 2019 to Bring to Your Bookclub, Woman’s Day’s Best Fiction Books of 2019 and Goodreads’ Top Mysteries & Thrillers of 2019.

Emma grew up in England…

Will a breakthrough finally help solve the case?

Sketches of the Zodiac Killer (via Getty Images)

After more than half a century, the Zodiac Killer is in the news again. It has been a banner year for amateur detectives and the Zodiac case is no exception. In December a team of volunteer code-breakers announced that they had cracked the 340-character cipher the killer sent to the San Francisco Chronicle in 1969.

The Zodiac Killer murdered at least five people during the late 1960s and early 1970s but authorities believe he may have killed as many as 30 people. Except for the murder of a lone taxi driver, all his documented attacks targeted couples. The first cipher…

Did Agatha Christie try to frame her cheating husband for murder?

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It has been nearly 50 years since Agatha Christie’s death but the “Queen of Crime” remains the best-selling novelist in history. Only the Bible and Shakespeare’s works have sold more copies than her books and her legacy shows no signs of fading.

In addition to the two billion copies of her mysteries in circulation, Christie’s play The Mousetrap remains the longest-running theatrical production of all time. First staged in 1952, it only closed down temporarily in March 2020 due to the pandemic. …

West is the third activist minority professor not to receive tenure since 2019

Cornel West courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Cornel West, one of the nation’s most prestigious black scholars, has left the institution. West — who is known for his activism as much as for his dynamic teaching style — posted his resignation letter to Harvard Divinity School via Twitter earlier this week.

Written in response to the administration’s decision not to offer him tenure, the impassioned statement accuses the university of “intellectual and spiritual bankruptcy.”

We all knew the mendacious reasons given had nothing to do with academic standards. … I knew my academic achievements and student teaching meant far less than their political prejudices.”

West previously had…

Many cast doubt on Faycal Ziraoui’s claim but forensics may reveal the truth

The Z13 cipher Fayçal Ziraoui claims he cracked. Zodiackillerciphers.com

This is the second story in a two-part series on the Zodiac. You can read the first installment — “12 Surprising Facts about the Zodiac Killer” — here.

It has been a banner year for amateur detectives. In January, true crime activists brought the case of an anonymous hiker found dead in a tent to national attention, which led to his identification. In April, authorities arrested Kristin Smart’s killer based on facts that came out during the course of a podcast. …

Source alleges he cooperated for a promise of immunity

Siggi Thordarson and Julian Assange in 2011 (Photo by Allen Clark)

An investigative report by an Icelandic newspaper alleges that a key witness in the U.S. case against Julian Assange fabricated most of his testimony. Stundin’s article states that Sigurdur Ingi Thordarson, an FBI informant with a criminal past, not only exaggerated his role as a Wikileaks volunteer but also lied about his dealings with its founder:

“US officials presented an updated version of an indictment against [Assange] to a Magistrate court in London last summer. The veracity of the information contained therein is now directly contradicted by the main witness, whose testimony it is based on.”

The report also alleges…

3 Plusses and 3 Caveats

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First things first: I recently adopted a 100-pound, copper-and-white Siberian husky. Three years ago I rescued a smaller black-and-white husky — just 60 pounds! — and this spring seemed like the right time to add another dog into the mix. I have absolutely no regrets and highly recommend owning two dogs, even if they’re big, goofy, wildly energetic huskies. But before you make a commitment, be sure to give it some serious thought.

Overall, two dogs aren’t that much more work than one. In some ways — especially when it comes to high-energy breeds — it’s easier. Sasha may be…

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