I agree, Teresa Halbach was the true victim in this case, but unfortunately, she is not the only…
Mitchell Hyde

I can understand how upsetting it is that you may feel that Teresa was forgotten. I don’t believe this was the case.What I do think is that Manitowoc County did something. How can you not see this ? They weren’t even suppose to be at Avery’s House, and isn’t it funny how Lenk was magically there when he was named in a Lawsuit. I believe Lenk knew Teresa was there and I believe he is to blame for the loss of her life. All in an effort to get rid of the Lawsuit. Our Justice system is corrupt and something needs to be done. I watched that Judge allow things that you could clearly see shouldn’t have been. I am so sickened at how our system always fails us. You think this is a joke but it has happened to me and because I am not rich I couldn’t get proper help and I was wrongly treated by this same horrible system…They have failed us and they don’t care.

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