Dogs Just Know


I rescue dogs. Mostly, Min Pins. There is a specific reason I was led to do this, but that’s a story for another day.

In September 2016, I saw an ad for a Min Pin in need of a good home in St. Louis. The person who had the dog said that he didn’t have time for him anymore. His name and phone number were posted so I sent a text and asked about the dog. In the meantime, I stalked, I mean found the owner on Facebook. We already had a mutual friend in common, so I sent him a friend request. We chatted back and forth about the dog, his name is Paco. We were going to meet in person so I could see if Paco would be a good fit with my gang of crazies. (I sorta collect Min Pins…)

For whatever reason, that meeting never materialized and about the same time, I got the call that there was an emergency case. An emaciated Min Pin named Trooper had been running the streets halfway across the state, and I took one look at the little fella and decided I had to save him. There just wasn’t the option to say no.

After Trooper came into my life I didn’t think I could take on another dog. But, I knew the young man wanted to find a good home for Paco, so I put out some pleas in the Facebook community. I had someone say that they could take him. So, I put the two people in touch, kept tabs until I knew that Paco was safe.

Fast forward to mid-February, 2017. One of my friends sent me a photo of a lost Min Pin who had made his way to the Humane Society of MO. He was a rough looking little guy. Hair missing in several places. They estimated him to be about nine years old. He had a rabies tag, so they would try to find his owner.

I called the HSMO and asked about the little guy they’d dubbed “Ebeneezer.” His stray hold would be up on my birthday. February 27. One of my co-rescue gals called them and they said if he was going to go on the rescue only list, they would let us know. That means that since his owner hadn’t claimed him, they didn’t consider him adoptable, and they would euthanize him unless rescue stepped up to claim him.

Thursday, March 2nd, we arranged to pick up Ebeneezer. He was a happy old man, and just as sweet as he could be. He’d been labeled un-adoptable due to his reluctance to allow them to draw blood. :(

On the way home with him in my backseat, I decided I’d call him Bubby and get him back in good health and find him an forever home to live out the rest of his life. I posted photos and videos of him of Facebook and everyone thought he was just the most adorable thing they’d ever seen!

The woman who had been Bubby’s last known owner stepped forward and said that he was her dog and she wanted him back. No, technically (legally) he was not her dog anymore. He was days from being euthanized, a 501c3 rescue had claimed him, signed the paperwork and he was in my care as a foster dog.

I reached out to his original owner and asked him if Bubby was Paco… He couldn’t tell from the photos, but he wanted to drive up from his place south of St. Louis to see him.

Wednesday night, March 8th, he came to my house to see his paco. It was a tearful reunion and I bawled like a little girl as I watched the two of them interact. Paco remembered him and even showed me some tricks that his former owner had taught him.

You may ask why did he give Paco up in the first place. It wasn’t easy. But he was at a very rough spot in his life and is now trying to get back on his feet again. Trust me, if you knew the whole story, you would understand. Out of respect and privacy, I won’t mention his name or go into details. I know he loves Paco and would really like to take him back home, but the timing is just off.

For now, Paco is safe with me. If, and when Paco can be reunited with his former owner, I told him he could come visit whenever he wanted. Maybe one day the two can be reunited, but until then, Paco’s not going anywhere!

Paco is very lucky to be alive. During the time his previous owner had him, he had two cancerous tumors removed, and then, he was days away from becoming another statistic and being euthanized. The old guy is going to be 14 on the Fourth of July. ❤

I believe dogs come into our lives at the right time. I believe that since this little guy was put in front of me now once, but twice, who am I to argue?!

Dog bless us.

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