Because I’ve made friends, acquaintance & contacts with so many people all round the world
Paul O'Mahony (Cork)

Why thanks, Paul. I’m intrigued by your take on social media, and interested in why you find it entertaining. Not being a very social person myself, I’ve found it mostly boorish. Can one really improve their writing style by limiting each sentence to 140 characters or less? Ha-Ha! The author of the original post is boyishly funny and self-important, so it’s good for a laugh — but not everyone is on the Internet to make a contact or a buck.

I’ve been on the twit almost since day one, and the only good use I found for it was when I lived 3 miles from the US/Mexico border on the US side. Since the cartels held Reynosa at bay by gunpoint, and both countries kept (and keep) insisting that the Border is safe, Twitter was the way to know if Reynosa was reasonably safe or not. One would like to know if the McDonalds and Walmart less than 15km from your front door was literally under siege and closed for the day, right?

Crossing the border could take from 10 minutes to 2 hours, depending upon a lot of factors. Twitter was helpful there, too. So I can see some valid uses for the technology, but this idealism smacks of a millennial who thinks his parents are super and has never smoked a cigarette (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

I’ll look you up the next time I visit Cork. A cup of coffee IRL is a vastly preferable way to make a friend; until then I will count you among my contacts, however (if that’s all right with you), because you never know — I’ve found myself in some interesting places these last few years. (And I think that last sentence was more than 140 characters, but still grammatically correct, no?) :)