Ryan Lochte Is the Ugly American
John McDermott

“He obviously does not think things through, so his motivations are tough to discern.”

There is no motivation other than self-preservation for Lochte and the many who are like him. That’s not tough to discern. No disrespect intended; I want to use this to launch my diatribe.

Lochte and the like are only looking to preserve themselves. They are not looking to preserve anything else. When someone says something, what they say is who they are. When you support someone like this, you are showing you have an affinity with them.

Support for Lochte in 2012 and since was a knee-jerk reaction to supporting a jerk, in the same way support is given to DT (not Delirium Tremens, but Donald Trump, although there are similarities). “They” support Donald Trump and at first supported Lochte because they “get” the guy. “They” are, in many ways, similar to these buffoons. “They” don’t understand the consequences of saying something. They think words are just words, but actions are different.

Saying something is an action. Saying something stupid is the act of being stupid. Saying something dangerous is the act of being dangerous. Saying something that subtly denigrates a group of people is the act of denigrating.

That is why Donald Trump is dangerous. He may be smart, and what he says may be calculated, but he is saying dangerous things. Like Lochte, who said stupid things and eventually did something stupid — really stupid — Donald Trump will do something dangerous. I know this because he has already acted dangerously by saying dangerous things.

Their motivation is easy to discern; it is only self-preservation. Period. The rest of the world, the consequences to anyone else, world peace, alleviating poverty, avoiding war, and doing things that can actually help others, is not on their list of things to be motivated by.

You know their motivation and eventual actions by their words.

I feel the desire to say more, but this is a comment.

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