Lorin Mclachlan RE/MAX Real Estate Agent

Whether you are looking to buy the home of your dreams, or sell a property to move forward with your life, the entire success of the process is dependent on the real estate agent you choose. At Lorin Mclachlan, we are fully committed to delivering the best real estate service possible to each and every one of our clients. We have built our business on honesty, integrity and our superior knowledge of the local real estate market developed and perfected over the last thirty years.

Are You Interested In Purchasing A Property?

Buying a home is widely recognized as one of the most stressful experiences of anyone’s life, and it will almost certainly be the most significant investment you will ever make. It can become very easy to get house fever and become so infatuated with a particular property that you will lose all sense of reality, so determined are you to purchase that one property.

One of the most common tricks that certain real estate agents will use is to ask you what your budget is, and then show you properties that are just outside of that budget. We believe that this is wrong both morally and in terms of looking after your client. It is almost as if you are dangling the home of their dreams in front of them, only to remove it at the very last moment, which consequently makes every other property seem like a bit of a disappointment.

As your real estate agent, we believe we have a duty to our clients to find them a property that meets or exceeds their expectations, but that is within their budget. In many situations, this may not be the easiest solution, and it certainly does not maximize our profit potential, but we still feel that it is the right thing to do. We never forget that as a company we are working for you, and so it is crucial that we always do what is best for you, the client, not us the real estate agent.

Is It Time To Sell Your Property?

Perhaps your life situation has changed, and it is time to buy a bigger property, downsize, or move area altogether. Once again this is where we believe honesty and integrity is of critical importance.

As your real estate agent, we want to achieve the best possible price for your property, but the money is not necessarily the only factor in the deal. We need to understand your personal circumstances; it may be that you are in the military and are about to be posted to the other side of the country. The idea of being a long distance landlord does not appeal to you, and you would prefer to sell the house quickly rather than wait a few months paying for a property you can no longer live in.

We will go through all of the available options with you, giving you our expert advice before letting you decide on the price that we put the property up for sale at. We will provide you with a range of figures, but we always feel that as the client it is your decision to make. Once the property is on the market, our customer service team will be in regular contact with you, keeping you up to date on the process and discussing any options or changes we feel it might be worth making,

We will even provide you with a list of small but significant changes that you can implement which make your property more appealing to prospective buyers. It is these small little touches that we bring to the table that our past clients frequently thank us for, and is one of the main reasons why we receive so much new business from customer recommendation.

When we earn new business as a result of the way we conducted business with a previous client, that tells us that we are doing our job correctly. Every member of the team at Lorin Mclachlan is dedicated to our clients, and will happily go above and beyond to close that deal.

Whatever your current position in the housing market, Lorin Mclachlan can help. With numerous awards to our name including the Re/Max Lifetime achievement award and the Re/Max circle of legends awards we can easily quantify our success. However, as a company we are not one to sit and rest on our laurels, we are continually evolving and innovating, to retain our position as one of the leading realtors in the Winnipeg region.

If you are considering buying or selling a property, then contact our friendly and helpful customer service team today.