15 Essential Skills That Are Necessary For Reinventing Yourself

Have you ever wished you could go back in time and give yourself a few words of advice? We all have specific points we’d return to, bringing our lessons in hand. Looking back, I see that each of those times centered around points in my life where I tried to stick with things, rather than accept that it was time to change. I was scared of the reinvention process, unsure of what something new would mean.

Even at my most miserable points, it was familiar. I held on for good reasons.

Looking back, of course, I was simply fighting an uphill battle. Had I let go sooner, the successes would have come much quicker.

But that’s what growth is all about. As you figure certain things out, new things present themselves. The quicker you learn to enjoy the process, the more you’ll enjoy the life you create.

Here’s my essential skill list of things I evaluate all the time:

1. Every step you take is progress. Every step you take teaches you something new. That new piece fits together like a puzzle, creating who you are meant to be. No two puzzles are ever the same.

2. Peace comes from within. No matter where you go, what job you take, what house you live in, who you’re friends with, or what you do with your life, the only way you’ll ever be at peace is if you work hard to bring it into your soul.

3. It’s okay to merge dreams. “I want to do this.” “This is what’s best for me.” “This is what I want to do.” In a world where it’s just you, putting the “I” first is important. But when you exist with others — a spouse, a partner, a family — sometimes those dreams have to merge. YOU DON’T NEED TO DELETE THEM FROM YOUR LIFE. Sometimes they take on a different persona. You work together to get everyone’s dreams on the table. The key is filling your life with people that want to dream with you rather than tear your dreams apart.

4. Dreams change every day. Imagine a world where we could pick one dream from one point in our lives, and that was it. I’d be a rockstar right now (that is sooo not happening), and I would have married my sixth-grade crush. Nope. We grow. We change. And those dreams can change right along with it.

5. One person can change the world. Your touch, your idea, your voice, your reason, your post, your day of volunteering really do make a difference. It adds up, touches a life, and changes the world in ways we can’t even imagine.

6. Stick close to the people that choose to be in your life. Years ago I had “best friends” I did everything for. When times changed, and I needed them, they disappeared. That’s when I learned who my real friends are. I work hard to make them shine because they make me shine every day.

7. You’ll never please everybody, so stop trying. In fact, I work hard to create an opinion that will provoke a certain part of the population. If I don’t have someone disagreeing with me, I know my convictions aren’t strong enough. If I don’t have people taking a different point of view, I know I haven’t stated my cause clear enough. Never strive to be liked by everyone. Strive to solidify your views and stand behind them 100 percent.

8. Self-confidence comes with education. Not the majority of the stuff they teach in today’s school system. Teaching to take a test is not education. Education comes from learning and doing. It comes from being mentored from the best in the industry. Then getting out and experiencing what it’s all about. With a little guidance, of course.

9. If you’re ready for a change, it’s best to start early. The earlier I start my day, the more alive I feel. I’m up at 4:45 every morning. I have a solid routine of meditation, journaling, stretching, and yoga. Then I write for me. That will never change. And you’ll find it’s pretty standard practice with the best of the best. If you focus your mind the right way from the moment you rise, great things will happen.

10. You don’t have to have a group or a flock or a tribe. One friend can be your turning point. Just make sure that friend is in a place you want to go to, and doesn’t exist in a place you’re trying to break away from.

11. Only you can love. Only you can hate. The situation is always neutral. It’s your approach that changes.

12. Forgiveness is always about you. No one else, just you. Forgiveness changes your heart. Forgiveness changes your path. That doesn’t mean you have to condone bad behavior. But you can forgive and move on.

13. The rest of the world happens no matter what you do. News. Politics. Wars. Famine. Spending time watching and reading and thinking and talking about it will get you nowhere. If you have an idea you can work on and implement, that will change the world.

14. I love you. I hate you. You’re beautiful. You’re deplorable. You are amazing. You suck. Words matter. If you want to change, change your words.

15. Evil exists. Good overrides every time. What side are you on?

— — —

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