Is it even possible to have an ideal length to a story/article — on Medium or otherwise?
Abhishek Anand

I just finished reading your response. Yes, it did take me close to 10 minutes but I was interrupted by a delivery from Amazon and my desire for a second cup of coffee (caffeine waits for no man!). You took a long time and a lot of words to make your primary point, that content rules. I’m a newbie to blogging in general and Medium specifically but, as a lifelong reader, sometime writer and now full time editor, I’d have to say that little factoid is true no matter what the venue. The fact that you broke up your lengthy response with images, humor and pithy statements (I’m going to ask someone to embroider Relevant. Contextual. Engaging. Entertaining. Informative. on a T-shirt for me.) worked to hold my attention. I look forward to reading more of what you have to say, particularly on the art of writing. -PEACE-

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