Responding to “Bicentennial Man”

After you’ve read Asimov’s “Bicentennial Man,” think through the ways Asimov approaches the question, What makes someone human?

Write a reponse to the story, posting your thoughts below as a response to this post so all of us can see and interact with your ideas. (Yes, this is an invitation for you to respond and comment on your classmates’ ideas.)

Responding to literature is its own genre, but here are a few prompts to get you started. I’m not asking you to answer one of these questions per se, but I’m hoping one of these will spark some ideas that get you writing.

Your response should be at least 150 words. More words are welcome, but I’m looking for thougthful writing not necessarily length.


  • your emotional reaction to the story, its characters, and the problem Asimov raises
  • your intellectual engagement with the story, including questions raised which might be new to your thinking
  • places where you disagree / agree with Asimov’s implied answer to the question of what makes someone human