What Is Good Writing?

For many writers and aspiring authors, good writing does not come with a specific template, which everyone should follow. Writing is a conversation between author and reader, and no two conversations are the same. However, good writing does, in fact, have some aspects which allow the author-reader experience to be an enjoyable one.

Although there are not any set guidelines, some of the aspects which lead to good writing are fairly evident. Good writing, for example, entails having a process. This process, which is specific to each writer, can sometimes be short and sweet, or can other times be long and arduous, but is critical for good writing.

Another aspect which guides aspiring authors to good writing, is dedication. It is great and fun to write about a topic you are interested in and passionate about, but this will not always be the case. Writers in both collegiate and professional levels, are many times asked to write about topics which are not necessarily their favorites, and writers need to be dedicated to writing to the best of their ability, regardless of his or her personal interest.

Similarly, in order to achieve good writing, writers should be prepared to do in-depth research, when needed. Especially when writing about an unfamiliar topic, data needs to be collected in order to have concrete and concise facts. Having said that, even if your opinion is being written, there should be data behind it, in order to explain why you think what you think.

On the other hand, good writing is not selfish. As a writer, you need to know who your intended audience is, and you need to be ready to cater to their needs. Knowing how to capture your audience’s attention and knowing how to keep it, is absolutely key in good writing.

Although there are many other aspects which could be said, regarding good writing, these mentioned are some of the most important ones which came to mind. Each and every writer is constantly on a journey of exploration and learning, and should be willing to take risks. However, by following these and other important guidelines, you can be sure to not stray too far from what is considered good writing.

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