Heneral Luna Critique Paper

I remember a scene from heneral luna when he was shot by fellow filipinos and screamed “mga duwag kayo”, for me that’s the message of the film,that we are too scared to go our own ways,especially for freedom, we are scared because we have this tendency to belittle ourselves with other people in other countries that they are stronger and we are the weak and we would tend to follow them just to feel the needs of “safety” but it instead of safety it’s more on slavery,it shows that we filipinos are really slaves, not only to other people but within ourselves too. Comparing it to today’s generation of “slavery” like for example the China is “bullying” us and taking some of our Philippine waters and yet we are not doing anything, because in the back of our minds we know that china is stronger than us. This movie was really engaging, because of its deep endeavoring messages to us filipinos, not only giving a message but also showing some of our greatest philippine historical events. Obviously the art showed in the movie was the Spoliarium, which was a huge impact on the movie and it actually gave me goosebumps when the scene of heneral luna being dragged then came the painting, it was just breath taking. It’s cliche but that painting has a strong message for all us, and it goes to show that art has deep meanings. There was an aesthetic feeling in the movie but it was only on the scene where the Spoliarium was featured. Joven represents a true independent filipino, he makes us feel like a child that needs to be always fed in time and needs to be disciplined by our parents. What i’m trying to say is that when he was finalizing or like he was talking about us filipinos, that we are the enemies to ourselves.

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