I, Racist
John Metta

Excellently expressed truth, John. I tried to express my thoughts before creating a profile and they were erased. This subject is so deep that it is hard to dredge it up again.

As a white woman, I see what you describe. I live in a multi racial neighborhood in a city in Western NY where we hold the highest per capita murder rate in the State, where we suffer from some of the highest rates of poverty in the Country. My children were educated in the public schools of a failing district, and did well with wonderfully supportive teachers (and these children are not white). In many ways I am proud of this City, regardless of the very serious problems it contains.

I tire from the freedom other white people feel free to express to me, making assumptions of my beliefs based on my race. This has led me to quiet myself in most situations. I agree we (white people in general) suffer from the not-wanting-to-know you speak of. I will dig down and use my voice again, using prayer to sustain me as I return to speaking about these deeper and more subtle aspects of the constant racism we see played out every day.

Thank you from my deepest place within.

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