We All Want Healthcare To Cost Much Less — But We Are Asking The Wrong Question
Joe Flower

I’m curious. I’m on the ACA with a subsidy as I work freelance and have a low income. Recently, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer, but because I was able to get a second opinion paid for by my insurance company and go to a stellar hospital (UCSF), I was properly diagnosed with actually having a (most likely) benign paraganglioma (neuroendocrine tumor). The result was that rather than having 12 weeks of chemo and my bladder, uterus and ovaries taken out…I was able to just have the tumor removed in an outpatient surgical procedure. Insurance had to pay for more testing in the beginning, but it saved money in the long run (not to mention possibly my life). So my question is, in your model, how would these second opinions work for those of us who can’t pay for them?

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