The Dark Room

(originally posted on July 28, 2015)

Last weekend, I made an ethical decision IRL to Do The Right Thing and Say Something. I later agonized about whether I’d made the right choice, but upon internal review, the gut answer was always “yes”. There’s been fallout from that decision, and it’s awful and is not fair. And here I am in this game, faced with an ethical choice. V. is potentially next on a kill list. Do I warn her or not? The right decision, one might think, would be to warn her. But she might not listen, she might brush it off. She might accuse you of lying, and be killed nonetheless. You have the power to rewind time, but sometimes — at critical times — the game doesn’t let you do it. Trust that you could rewind the decision? Don’t trust and warn her no matter the fallout? And these gut-wrenching moments, that echo reality in painful ways, are one reason amongst many why Life is Strange is one of the most fascinating games I’ve played in a long while.

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