The Next Billion User!

The next billion

Over the years the term Next billion users has sprung around the tech industry.There has been a sudden focus on building for the Next billion user although they have not been defined exactly.With apps hitting 1 billion active users a month there is no doubt that they will be more given the world population is about 7 billion people at the moment.

While most of us were born in the era where we have strived to adopt by learning more and more everyday,there is a percentage of people who had no clue of what was going on until social media changed the game and they were not ready but the world didn’t stop for them.

As we build for the next billion ,we have to pause and ask ourselves who is the next 1 billion users?( Unfortunately, I cannot get a clear definition allover the web) Are they ready for what is coming?

In my perspective,with the rate at which tech has grown in different parts of the world,the next billion user is not very far away they are just years away.And I wonder,do they know what technologies are coming their way?Can they start to use them to combat global issues?

So while we focus on building for the next billion, we also need to focus on the next billion understanding what and why we are building better for them.They need to further understand what components of the technologies are changing so that they can be better and responsible users and better developers.

This calls for the need to break all these amazing new technologies into understandable blocks with more relevant examples that appeal to their environments.To make them aware of the existing built solutions that can be a starting block for innovations.

Don’t stop reviewing ,blogging and tutoring all the amazing technologies because the next one billion user is some where in your audience!