Ugandan Startups/ Products We don’t know about

Product name: ClinicPesa

Technologies & Languages Used: Akka,Play framework,Scalar,Angular,Google Cloud.

Product Focus:Health care

Health insurance is not a new concept but insurance itself is such a complicated term for many of us .In Uganda,only a certain class of people are insured and the uninsured remain the biggest fraction.

This is mostly attributed to the traditional savings scheme that people believe are cheaper and easier to account for every penny of their hard earned money.Unfortunately these schemes don’t guarantee security and are still using traditional means to keep their money.

“What happens in health circumstances that require immediate response and your local savings scheme cannot help?”

“What happens when you are across a border that your insurance service provider doesn’t operate and they cannot help you?”

ClinicPesa is a healthcare micro-savings and loan discipline, that is more convenient and affordable than the traditional Insurance and savings, through a platform to set aside dedicated healthcare funds.

ClinicPesa leverages the power of disruptive fintech to help traditional saving schemes counter the problem of security of funds and also work across borders.

Pro:It is a trans-border product that can be used across Uganda and Kenya and will soon expand to the whole of East Africa.

Funders: East African Community, German Cooperation in Uganda.