Ugandan Startups/ Products We don’t know about

Product name: Muno Watch

Technologies & Languages Used:Java/Php,Javascript,HTML,CSS

Product Focus: Film industry

It is not so often that you get to watch your favourite series or movie in your mother tongue.Just like Djs playing a specific genre of music, a term Vj(Video Jockey) has sprung up and become popular amongst Ugandans.A Vj by wiki standards is one who adds commentary to a feature film.

A Vj takes one of your favourite series or movie and translates it to the language you relate with the most giving it an extra touch and thrill that appears to you.

The Ugandan film industry has been much inspired by the Vj concept and many people at the time are able to catch a movie regardless of the language they understand.

Munowatch has redefined the way the Vj content is being distributed ,it has given Vjs a central place to upload their content so that people allover the world can be able to enjoy it.

Their major customer base are people from the diaspora who have had a hard time accessing this content

Challenges:They still face a major setback with the internet costs back in Uganda ,this is not favourable to stream videos.This has made it so hard to attract enough local people.

You can check out more about the team on here